About Magni "parasitic current draw"


I own a Magni robot equipped with an MCB 5.0. To power it, I utilize two 12V 18A lead acid batteries, each only three months old.

After fully charging the batteries, which reached a stabilized voltage of 26.2V, I powered down my Magni for a week during my vacation. Upon my return, I discovered that the batteries’ voltage had decreased to 24.5V.

I read about Magni’s current draw on the documentation. Could this be the reason for the reduction in battery voltage? Or the voltage consumed is too much?


any follow up? Changed my batteries and still getting the same problem

Your observation is why we try to warn people of long off times with no charger. If the robot sits for a few months it can even damage the battery. The Magni is designed to use a charger when not powered on for long periods.

Sorry for this issue impacting your work. It is best to disconnect the red battery lead for longer extended times when the Magni is sitting with no charger.