120VAC Power for add-on electronics

I would like to find out if anyone is using any particular type of transformer to go from the Magni’s 12VDC to provide 120VAC so I could use a traditional power strip and plug in consumer electronics. If there is a more elegant off the shelf solution please let me know but I’m exploring what may work to easily plug in and try a variety of accessories powered by 120VAC “wall-wart” transformers.

We haven’t tried any 120V adapters, but if you are just going to convert it back to DC anyway it is far more efficient on space, thermals, and batteries to use a DC to DC converter.

Several DC-DC converter modules are available on Amazon and the like, if your devices want something other than 5V or 12V.

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I want to hardwire power connections directly to the power point holes on connectors P505 and P504 on the Magni main board instead of using the Molex Connectors. Looking at the Magni_MCB_pinout document it shows this auxiliary power but doesn’t specify which are power and ground. Can you please provide a Pinout with the DC voltages for these connectors?

The connectors marked P505 are both positive. The ground is the common ground for everything else - including the battery.

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We have added quite a bit of silkscreen starting with rev 5.0 boards. David has discussed this below but I add a picture of the two connectors now as additional info.
It is of note that these have the same pinout as standard PC type power connectors used in computer disk drives a decade ago where 5V and 12V are used.