Ssh into pi (virtualbox)


I am trying to use your latest raspberry pi image for my own project and ssh into the raspberry pi. I have gotten to the step of pifi list seen, but nothing has popped up. I saw in another post on this forum that I should go ahead and add mynetwork using sudo pifi add mynetwork mypassword which I then did. However, now the raspberry pi is not showing up as an access point nor am I able to ssh into it after connecting my virtualbox to mynetwork since I get connection timed out.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Sorry for the late reply, which IP address are you trying to ssh to? Unless you’ve set a static one your router’s dhcp server will pick one for it, so you need to ssh using that one.

I use an ip scanner myself just for the convenience, but you can also check your router’s page (usually for the assigned addresses or run an arp scan in a terminal to get the list of all addresses.

Then you just have to figure out which one of them is the pi.