Request interest in remote ESTOP and/or Main Power switch

We are trying to determine which customers have a need or plan on using switches elsewhere on their product for both Main power and ESTOP switches.

Please reply back to this thread if this is something that your product requires. Thank You. Mark

Hello, I plan on having some added “estop like” stops but I don’t think I need any saftey rating on them. this is still interesting to me for future projects though.

I had posted this back in June and since that time we have developed a board that has a separate 2-pin jack so users can add their own switch for ESTOP. That board is going to be shipped with all Magni units starting with our next production run that is starting now. The new switch board will be backward compatible with all older versions of Magni and we plan on making some stock up on those boards so users who already have a Magni could switch to that board if they wish to do so. We have not yet designed a radio link but have discussed it as a future thing to work on. Thank you for your feedback.

WE NEED THIS we have been struggling with the location of the e-stop and it’s impact on designs

Yes Nick, I get this. I formed the more flexible ‘Switch Board’ to satisfy the needs of our users. Your inputs and those of Lorne reinforce the broader customer need to make a batch of these new design switch boards so that we can offer them to earlier Magni users upon request.

We are not made of money of course (hard being an internally funded start up) but if we did offer them it would be most likely on an at-cost sort of basis (If I can speak without approval of the finance guy, I think it is a highly likely way we would go). We want users to get the solutions they want and that is for sure a top priority here. I myself made up 10 blank boards so I will float the idea of making these into functional units for customers such as yourself. I cannot guarantee it but I suspect is is greatly likely and soon.

Stay tunned on this thread if this is an issue for your team.

Hello again Nick.
We finally got 8 or so 1st run proto boards of the switch board and I can send you one for free if you get back to me at I did not have them back in Dec.

Also I now show this on learn here at the very end of this page:

@Nick Did you find a solution? Please see prior post as I think I have a solution to your problem. Please contact us with request for remote ESTOP switch solution in subject and send to In the email please say Attention: Mark

Hi Mark,

Do you still have any of those estop boards available?

Ah wait,

If you scroll down the page on the PC Board Revision Identification, there is a description of the current estop solution under “The Power Switch Board Revisions”.
Not a remote solution, but at least some pins you can hook into.

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We are currently making more boards (all types) and we plan on making more to be available. Every new unit since last batch has the new rev 2.2 board with many options for ESTOP and main power.
So ‘Stand By’ We are trying to help those who need remote switches on outside of their robot case or in different position. Thanks.

I am sorry if I missed anybodies request so far, we are really super busy with lots of other stuff so ask again on and put Attention Mark please in the subject perhaps