Mmal: Failed to create camera_info component


This error (‘Mmal: Failed to create camera_info component’) occurs every time I try to use the camera. I can run the raspicam_node and use the other camera related commands if I use the root user.

When I run the command vcgencmd get_camera, it returns that the camera is supported and detected.

Can you tell me what it can be?

Thank you once again!

Thanks for reaching out with your issue.

What OS are you running on, and how did you install raspicam node?


Thank you for your quick response!

I am running on your raspberry pi image (2019-06-19-ubiquity-xenial-lxde) and the raspicam node was already installed.

Me too:
raspistill -o test.jpg fails
sudo raspistill -o test.jpg works fine
I am also running on your raspberry pi image (2019-06-19-ubiquity-xenial-lxde)

The #1 reason is frequently the raspicam cable BUT recently I found another reason.

As a short term workaround after you bootup and have seen raspistill fail, try running this then try raspistill again.

sudo chmod 666 /dev/vcsm

Let us know if this helps although it is not a long term fix.
My issue was related to use of the 2019-06-19 image and then use of the apt upgrade which directly seemed involved but has not been proven fully at this time.

that works. also running as root (sudo -s) will let you use roslaunch

Ok. What you will find is that command is required after every reboot so it is not ideal.

Can you share with me if you had done an ‘apt upgrade’ at sometime after you installed the image? I wish to know this to have a confirmation that the apt upgrade leads to this issue. Then we can look into addressing some fix.


Yes I have done an apt update several times.

Ok in that case this seems to be related to a new kernel version that was released recently. We are looking into it.


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Well actually what I asked is if you have done first an apt update and then had done an apt upgrade. Beware the words are sadly easily confused.

The apt update simply gets ready for apt installs and upgrades.

The apt upgrade is a very long running command on 6-19 image and would have taken something like 10 minutes to complete with a HUGE amount of console output.

Rohan: How can we do some version check or something of a module to tell if an apt upgrade was done? It is the upgrade that I isolated so far.

Sorry. yes I have done the upgrade as well, multiple times on this robot.

Rohan has found a fix that lasts through reboots and will work to fix this issue from our apt upgrade process very soon.

In the mean time: As root edit /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local-rpi.rules and add the following line:
KERNEL==“vcsm”, GROUP=“video”, MODE=“0660”

NOTE: There are two = signs above and that is required and not a mistake here.

Hey All,

With some further investigation, the problem was that the firmware package actually ships udev rules in /lib/udev so the rules that were in /etc/udev with the same file name were actually (incorrectly) overriding them.

The solution to the problem is to run sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local-rpi.rules to remove the conflicting rules and then sudo reboot to restart the Pi.

I will look into shipping this change as a package update.