[0.235083] cma: cma_alloc: alloc failed, req-size: 2025 pages, ret: -12

After expanding file system and apt-get update/upgrade, now see this error on boot up:

[0.235083] cma: cma_alloc: alloc failed, req-size: 2025 pages, ret: -12

Update 1:

Experimented with a fresh flash image…the error did NOT appear after I used rasp-config to expand the file system but DID appear after apt-get update/upgrade.

Can you supply the exact type of raspberry Pi this issue applies to in your case?
Also please supply which image was being used.

Raspberry PI 3 B+ (but not the one supplied with the Robot which seemed to have some com issues.)


I am doing what you have described today. If it turns out the apt upgrade has in some way broken we need to know that so I will do a controlled test and report back to here with results.

Were you saying that this error shows up as you look at the console as the Pi boots up or were you saying the Magni is non operational after the upgrade?

I have not looked for this specific error on the console as i boot up headless.

I have done the full clean image up through upgrade ok and results are seen on a posting to another thread: Apt-get update/upgrade bricks Linux