Motor Controller 5.0


I bought only the motor controller and don’t came the board that control the energy on the Motor controller(that board that is used to charge and to turn on the motors…), but I have the version 1.3 Controller. Can I use the same board on my new controller?


Please send a picture of your 1.3 controller. Are you sure that is it’s revision number? The first motor controller board that was in our first production release was version 4.9. Before that we had sent limited number of prototype boards from version 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8. Please include picture. The board with 2 switches and a 3-pin charging port we now call our ‘Switch Board’ but a long time ago it had the word ‘controller’ in it. We do not use the word controller in the small ‘switch board’ name any more to avoid confusion.


Got it. Being more objective, the Switch Board has the same operation in all versions?
And the P601 connector on Control Board has the same pinout?


The current switch board has markings of rev 2.0 and will work on prior motor controller boards (MCBs) back to version 4.7.
The earlier switch board, which has no revision printed on it but has 3 resistors instead of the current rev 2.0 version that has 4 resistors.
The rev 5.0 MCB fixes an issue and with that fix the rev 5.0 and later boards cannot use a pre rev 2.0 switch board.


Thanks, can you send me the new pinout of the switch board?


Switch board rev 2.0 and switch boards that were unmarked and had 3 resistors have the same pinout on the 14-pin jack.

You need to get this document
Note the ‘Connector : P601’ section.

More info: It is the circuitry on the board itself that changed to fix some problems. The rev 2.0 board was changed so that the ESTOP switch could only enable the motor power if for sure the main power was on first. The second change was to use a forth resistor instead of a shared resistor so each signal that is a pullup (one for main, one for estop) has it’s own resistor now. Lastly it is a change for safety on the rev 5.0 motor controller board that leads to the need to use the new switch board rev 2.0 to control a rev 5.0 motor controller board. I think what is lacking here is proper documentation from us to support users that only buy a motor controller board without a matching switch board.

Then you need to pullup bin 13 and pin 14 separately each with their own 1.6k ohm resistor. DO NOT TIE DIRECT TO POWER! YOU MUST USE A 1.6k OHM RESISTOR FOR EACH LINE (that is what new switchboard does) The pre rev 2.0 board used one resistor but you must use a separate resistor for each of the pins pulled up to 24V to work on rev 5.0 motor controller board. This was required to implement proper low battery cutoff point.


It helped me a lot, thank you so much!