8 GB Filesystem is full

My 8GB file system is 100% full. Is there some bloated log file I can delete to get some space back?

rosclean purge might do it, providing that it’s actually the ros logs.

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smacks forehead :woozy_face:

Yes, that did it. Thank you!

From time to time we see systems where logs get filled faster than we would like. it is considered a bug sometimes and we want to fix those issues. I just fixed some but they are not released yet. You can go to the log folder using (with backquotes) cd roslaunch-logs and then look at the growth rate of rosout.log feel free to post excessively high rates of some log so we can address it. If you do that please state the image you are using and the last time you did an ‘apt upgrade’. That will help us, thanks.

Darn it. the roslaunch-logs part of that cd command must be enclosed in backquotes and I don’t know the magic to make that show up in this forum. So you can just type roslaunch-logs and it will print the folder then cd to that folder.

Also we tend to use minimum of 16GB cards because once you start adding modules an 8GB card can fill up with software components and make log clearing more important.